About Us

Innovative and compassionate Care designed for you

House Medicine is a premier medical practice specializing in cancer and transplant care. Our team of highly skilled specialists is dedicated to providing personalized and comprehensive treatment for our patients. Using our multi-specialty approach, all of your needs can be met under one roof. House Medicine’s team includes specialized cancer and transplant surgeons, specialized breast health surgeons, oncologists and perioperative medicine physicians. Our medical infusion center is led by our very own expert pharmacist who is an integral part of your medical team .

We are committed to delivering exceptional and expeditious care. Trust House Medicine for advanced expertise and support throughout your journey to better health. Here, you are not just a patient, you are a family.

Our team has a comprehensive understanding of organ failure to support your transplant needs. As the first team to develop California’s newest transplant program in over 20 years, we have the expertise to provide the highest level of care designed for you.

Patient Testimonials

House Medicine's unparalleled care and multi-specialty approach met all my mother's needs during her cancer treatment. The compassionate team supported us every step of the way. We are incredibly grateful.

Jane D.

House Medicine's team saved my life. As a transplant patient, I received specialized care from knowledgeable and dedicated experts. The seamless treatment from transplant surgeons, oncologists, and the infusion center was exceptional.

John P.

House Medicine excels in specialized care. The cancer and breast health surgeons provided exceptional care, and the integrated approach ensured a smooth treatment. I felt safe and well-cared-for. Highly recommended.

Mary S.

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