We are a specialty medical group that manage patients with diseases related to the liver, bile ducts, pancreas, and kidneys from medical and surgical perspectives. 

Over the last decade our team has been devoted to providing care to people and communities that lack access, resources, infrastructure, and trained professionals. We have helped support hospitals and cities throughout Los Angeles and globally.

Each year we have been supporting our community by performing health fares focusing on liver disease, hepatitis, diabetes, CPR, and nutrition.  Internationally we have helped build entire hospital system emergency medicine, ultrasound, interventional gastroenterology, interventional radiology, and complex surgery programs.

Globally, surgical disease has greatest gap and its lack of expertise affects the most number of individuals.  Our team is committed to Capacity Building by partnering with international and national systems to identify areas of need, assess infrastructure, educate, train, and empower to become independent.

The House is made up of focused specialist that include: Transplant specialists (surgeons, hepatologists, nephrologists), hepatobiliary specialists (surgeons, medical oncologists, interventional gastroenterologists, interventional radiologists), critical care, anesthesia, and pulmonary services.


We provide care at Centers of Excellence throughout Southern California including Beverly Hills, South Bay, Los Angeles, Long Beach and the San Fernando Valley.

We are experienced in performing complex abdominal surgeries at the highest quality and with cutting edge technology, including robotic surgery and advanced laparoscopy.

Enough Talk, Let's Build Something Together